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Gonzales Horse Training

ImageGonzales Horse Training is operated by Gilbert, his wife Charlotte . Gilbert uses resistance-free training techniques. As for his horsemanship, Gilbert takes his philosophy from the Vaquero style of riding, the way of the Spanish Cowboys...The authentic vaquero way is the way of patience.

Gilbert's philosophy:


The most important part of training is to train the owners.
Horses already know how to walk, trot, canter, make flying lead changes, side-pass, half-pass stand, lay down, eat etc... We have to learn how to ask the horse to do those things with us on their backs. Once you climb on a horse's back, the mechanics change.


Extreme Cowboy Race
Show host, Craig Cameron and Gilbert
Show host, Craig Cameron and Gilbert
If you haven't seen the EXTREME COWBOY RACE on RFDTV... You've got to watch it now!

Gilbert Gonzales has been selected to compete in October 2007 at the hippodrome in N. Augusta South Carolina. Extreme Cowboy Race # 6 will air in March of 2008.

Watch the video of Gilbert and Peptonite's Lil Rose in show 3 of the Extreme Cowboy Race's 6th season.

Crossing the moguls
Crossing the moguls
Roping colts in the round pen
Roping colts in the round pen
 Watch ALL of the Extreme Cowboy Race on HorseCity.com!
 What is Extreme Cowboy Race™?


The Extreme Cowboy Race™ was created by Ryan Dohrn of HorseCity.com and famed horse teacher Craig Cameron. "The idea of the course was all Craig and the TV aspect came from HorseCity.com. We are a true team" said Dohrn. Fifteen cowboys and cowgirls began the challenge, but only one was crowned the Extreme Cowboy Race™ Champion. Viewers have the opportunity to watch all of the heart stopping action as horse-and-rider teams compete and are eliminated. HorseCity.com decided to name the event the Extreme Cowboy Race™ in an attempt to challenge typical reality TV shows with an infusion of horseback thrills.

Video and photos courtesy of and copyright 2008 HorseCity.com.

Horses Trained
This was the first time gilbert worked with this mare. She belongs to David and Myrna Moore of Thomson Ga.
 this is the 4 year old that is for sale. belongs to David and Myrna Moore Thomson Ga.
 Gilbert working a  3 year old

This horse belongs to Anesia Ivey Dearing Ga.

pretty horse.3 year old at the time 


This is Sparky belongs to Gina Miller of McBean Ga. 

 This is Speedy 3 year old Tw/quarter horse.He belongs to Gina Miller of Mc Bean Ga.


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